Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A 3 week span

These pictures were taken over the space of 3 weeks, some were on a walk which went from Eccles through Boothstown.  One is from the Blue Peter garden, at BBC Media City, Salford.  Whilst 3 of them were taken on a walk up Kinder Scout.  All in differing weather conditions and each memerable for differing reasons.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

New Camera......

I've got a new phone, with a nice new camera on it.. So in the best traditions of this much ignored blog, here are some new pictures from the new camera..

I have taken these whilst out and about, the cat was in a garden a few doors down the road from where I live and was meowing at me as I passed.  So I took it's photo, which turned out great. 

The sheep were at the start of a walk around Tegg's Nose Country park I did with some friends. 

The next picture is of Bottoms Reservior which was part of the above walk.  I really like the whole picture with the reflections in the water as well as the countryside. 

The next picture was taken in the back garden of my place.  I didn't think it would come out that well, as I was playing around trying to find a different shot. 

The final two are of the Worsley canal, with it's distinctive "Orange" water.  I just love both pictures, but the final one is my favourite with the reflections, colours and feel of it just about make it one of the best pictures I think I've taken.  I hope to include more photos in here again, now I'm happy with my camera once more, even if it is just a camera on a phone.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yeah, more photo's!

Invermere in Canada, picture from my Aunt

The Bridgewater Canal, Worsley. Where's the orange water gone?

I found this on a walk, I'm presuming it's part of Worsley Woods.

The Mirror Ball cat, I do like this picture for many reasons, not least the eyes.

Horace, your friendly spectrum computer hero of games such as Hungry Horace, Horace and the Spiders and the classic Horace goes Skiing.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

One year of photo's to use....

After nearly a year without adding... I've got loads of photo's to use up, so I've added one post already, I don't know how many more will come.

This is a picture from outside of my mum's place with the moon shining bright...

We've had some snow this year, possibly more snow so far than in the previous 10 years or so. This is Eccles the first morning after the snow arrived.

The same day and same walk out is a shot of the motorway and railway at Eccles. I can't remember that motorway being that quiet ever.

Sorry, but this is the campest snowman I've ever seen.

A house down the road from myself decided to build a family of snow people... I'm not so sure about Mrs Snow's hair though!

One year on nearly

Sailsbury, I've taken pictures of this place before, but they had a time stamp on... However a visit last September produced this photo.

Salford Quays, looking quite good in the sunshine.

Rivington reservoir... I like how the ripples are seen in this picture.

Rivington reservoir, same day as I took the picture above, I just like the feel of this picture so I thought I'd share with you all.

From Rivington again, after all it had snowed last weekend when I went for a walk. The shape of the tree is enhanced I think by the snow lying on the branches.